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(IGSCE, IB) Physics, Maths, Maths, Physics

I was educated at SMA Cita Hati Christian School and am currently an undergraduate with a full-ride scholarship at NUS CDE, majoring in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) with a minor in Innovation & Design and specializing in Robotics. Throughout my university journey, I have actively engaged in numerous interdisciplinary projects. One notable example is a Forest Surveying UAV, showcasing my versatility and expertise across various engineering domains. Specializing in Math and Physics at the IGCSE and IB levels, I have tutored numerous students from renowned International Schools in Singapore and Indonesia, including Anglo-Chinese School Independent, Ciputra School, and Surabaya International School. With firsthand experience in the challenging IB programme (i obtained a grade of 43/45), I provide a robust understanding of the IB rubric and a proven formula for academic success. I firmly believe that students learn best when given a tailored and interactive learning environment that caters to their individual needs. I structure my classes by incorporating practical applications and real-world examples into my teaching methodology. This approach not only helps students grasp complex concepts but also instills a deeper understanding of the subject matter. My students consistently demonstrate improvement, with an average increase of 2 points after a term under my guidance. My commitment to academic excellence is evident in the positive feedback received from students who appreciate my patient and effective teaching methods. Please feel free to reach me out if you need more info!


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I was struggling with Chemistry, I knew I needed extra help but didn't know where to turn. That's when I stumbled upon TutorRoll and found Ms Chan. I was initially nervous about working with a tutor but the portal provided a safe and reliable way to connect with experienced tutors who truly cared about helping me succeed.

Clara Lee

Hwa Chong Institution, 2023

Thanks to TutorRoll, I was able to find a tutor that not only fit my specific needs but also fit my budget. I would highly recommend this platform to any student who is struggling and needs extra help. It truly is a game-changer!

Johnathan Low

J2 Student (2023)

The platform was incredibly easy to use and allowed me to input my specific needs and preferences for a tutor. Within a matter of hours, I got multiple responses from qualified tutors who were eager to help me. The best part was that I was able to review their profiles and choose the tutor who I felt would be the best fit for my child.

Lindy Tan

Mother of Pri 6 Child

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