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Hi, I’m Megan 👋

I started TutorRoll to empower tutors in their careers. As an ex-tutor, I understand the struggle of finding the right tuition work.

After completing my A Levels, I taught H2 Geography tuition but faced difficulties in finding students, often taking on distant jobs assigned by tuition agencies that took a percentage cut.

I felt there has to be a better way so I created TutorRoll to put the power back in teachers’ hands. TutorRoll enables tutors to showcase their services online, gain credibility with reviews, and foster organic teacher-student matching.

Megan Ng

Founder of TutorRoll

Our Mission

Connect Educators and Learners
Facilitate direct connections between tutors and students, cultivating a vibrant community of knowledge sharing.
Maximize Tutor Earnings
Eliminate commission-based fees, allowing tutors to fully benefit from their expertise and hard work.
Promote Educational Excellence
Attract highly qualified tutors who inspire students and make a positive impact on their educational journey.
Facilitate Personalized Learning
Tailor teaching methods to meet students' unique needs, promoting growth, engagement, and academic success.

Our Values

By eliminating the middleman and commission-based fees, we enable tutors to retain 100% of their hard-earned income and set their own rates.
We are committed to providing a platform where tutors and students can engage with confidence, knowing that they have access to accurate information and fair practices.

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