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Primary 3


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Primary 3

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Primary 3

Benefits of Home Tuition

Tuition can be beneficial for Primary 3 students for several reasons:

  1. Foundational Learning: Primary 3 is a crucial year for building foundational skills in core subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, and Mother Tongue languages. Tuition can provide additional support to reinforce these fundamental concepts, ensuring students have a strong grasp of the basics before moving on to more complex topics.
  2. Smooth Transition to Upper Primary: Primary 3 marks the transition from lower to upper primary school, where students encounter new challenges and higher academic expectations. Tuition can help students navigate this transition smoothly by providing guidance, support, and resources to adapt to the increased workload and pace of learning.
  3. Individualized Attention: In a classroom setting, teachers may not always have the opportunity to address the individual learning needs of each student. Tuition offers a smaller teacher-to-student ratio, allowing tutors to provide personalized attention and support tailored to the specific strengths and weaknesses of each child.
  4. Prevention of Learning Gaps: Without timely intervention, learning gaps can develop and hinder students' academic progress over time. Tuition helps prevent these gaps by providing ongoing support and reinforcement of concepts. Tutors can identify any areas of difficulty early on and provide targeted assistance to ensure students stay on track with their learning.
  5. Confidence Building: Some students may lack confidence in their academic abilities or feel anxious about school. Tuition provides a supportive environment where students can receive encouragement, positive reinforcement, and constructive feedback, helping to boost their confidence and self-esteem.
  6. Preparation for Future Challenges: Tuition not only focuses on current curriculum requirements but also prepares students for future academic challenges. Tutors can introduce advanced topics, critical thinking exercises, and problem-solving techniques to stimulate intellectual curiosity and foster a love for learning.
  7. Parental Peace of Mind: For some parents, enrolling their child in tuition provides peace of mind, knowing that their child is receiving additional support and guidance in their studies. This can alleviate parental concerns about their child's academic progress and ensure they are well-prepared for future academic challenges.

Overall, tuition for Primary 3 students offers a range of benefits, including foundational learning, smooth transition to upper primary, individualized attention, prevention of learning gaps, confidence building, preparation for future challenges, and parental peace of mind. By investing in tuition, parents can give their children the additional support and resources they need to thrive academically and reach their full potential.

What type of tutor are you looking for?

Part-Time Tutors
Mostly University Undergraduates
Provide tuition as a part-time career
1-3 Years of experience
Young and Vibrant (Average Age of 20+)
Small Age Gap with Students, able to relate
Scored Good grades during schooling days (A*/A1)
Most budget-friendly option
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Full-Time Tutors
Mostly University Graduates
Provide tuition as a full-time career
>5 Years of experience
Able to recommend/provide learning materials
Large pool of students, often teaching students of same level
Able to cope with students of all ages and abilities
Highest level of commitment
Reasonable tuition rates
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Ex/Current MOE Teachers
MOE & NIE trained school teachers
Highly familiar with MOE syllabus and national examinations
In-depth and well-versed teaching pedagogy
Able to provide special learning material
Highly experienced with all types of students
Most qualified tutor option
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Average Singapore Tuition Rate

These are the estimated market rates tutors will quote you for their services based on their level of experience.

Level / 
Tutor Experience
Part-time Tutors
Full-time Tutors
Ex/Current MOE Teachers
Lower Pri
Upper Pri
Lower Sec
Upper Sec

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are tutors on TutorRoll selected?

We take the quality of our tutors seriously. Tutors on TutorRoll undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet our standards. We verify their educational qualifications, teaching experience, and conduct background checks. Additionally, we encourage students to provide feedback and ratings after each tutoring session, which helps us maintain a high standard of tutoring excellence.

How much does TutorRoll cost?

Signing up and creating a profile on TutorRoll is completely free for both students and tutors. However, once a tutoring session is scheduled and completed, tutors may charge a fee for their services. The rates vary based on factors like subject, expertise level, and session duration. For market rates, you can refer here for market rates.