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Junior College 2


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Junior College 2

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Junior College 2

Benefits of Home Tuition

Tuition remains important for Junior College Year 2 (J2) students for several reasons:

  1. Final Year Exam Preparation: J2 is the final year before students sit for the GCE A-Level examinations. Tuition provides crucial exam preparation, including intensive revision, practice papers, exam techniques, and targeted guidance to ensure students are well-prepared for their final exams.
  2. Subject Specialization and Depth: J2 students typically focus on fewer subjects but in greater depth as they prepare for the A-Level exams. Tuition can offer specialized instruction in these subjects, helping students deepen their understanding, master complex topics, and excel in their chosen areas of study.
  3. Addressing Weaknesses: J2 students may have identified weaknesses or areas of struggle during their J1 year that require targeted intervention. Tuition offers personalized attention and support, allowing tutors to address these weaknesses effectively and ensure students are confident in all aspects of their subjects.
  4. Mock Exams and Feedback: Tuition centers often conduct mock exams to simulate real exam conditions and assess students' readiness. These mock exams provide valuable feedback on students' strengths and weaknesses, allowing tutors to tailor their teaching to address areas needing improvement before the actual A-Level exams.
  5. Managing Exam Stress: The pressure of preparing for major exams like the A-Levels can be overwhelming for students. Tuition provides a supportive environment where students can receive encouragement, motivation, and strategies to manage exam stress effectively and perform at their best.
  6. Preparation for University Entrance: A-Level results are crucial for university entrance, and J2 students need to achieve their desired grades to secure admission to their preferred universities and courses. Tuition helps students maximize their academic potential and achieve the results they need for their future academic and career aspirations.
  7. Revision and Consolidation: J2 students need to revise and consolidate all the content covered throughout their junior college years. Tuition can offer structured revision sessions, helping students review key concepts, clarify doubts, and reinforce their understanding of essential topics across subjects.
  8. Enrichment Opportunities: Tuition doesn't only focus on exam preparation; it also offers enrichment opportunities. Tutors can introduce students to advanced topics, critical thinking exercises, academic competitions, and real-world applications that go beyond the standard curriculum, stimulating intellectual curiosity and preparing students for future academic challenges.

Overall, tuition for J2 students offers a range of benefits, including final year exam preparation, subject specialization and depth, addressing weaknesses, mock exams and feedback, managing exam stress, university entrance preparation, revision and consolidation, and enrichment opportunities. By investing in tuition, parents can give their children the additional support and resources they need to succeed academically and achieve their goals in their final year of junior college.

What type of tutor are you looking for?

Part-Time Tutors
Mostly University Undergraduates
Provide tuition as a part-time career
1-3 Years of experience
Young and Vibrant (Average Age of 20+)
Small Age Gap with Students, able to relate
Scored Good grades during schooling days (A*/A1)
Most budget-friendly option
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Full-Time Tutors
Mostly University Graduates
Provide tuition as a full-time career
>5 Years of experience
Able to recommend/provide learning materials
Large pool of students, often teaching students of same level
Able to cope with students of all ages and abilities
Highest level of commitment
Reasonable tuition rates
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Ex/Current MOE Teachers
MOE & NIE trained school teachers
Highly familiar with MOE syllabus and national examinations
In-depth and well-versed teaching pedagogy
Able to provide special learning material
Highly experienced with all types of students
Most qualified tutor option
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Average Singapore Tuition Rate

These are the estimated market rates tutors will quote you for their services based on their level of experience.

Level / 
Tutor Experience
Part-time Tutors
Full-time Tutors
Ex/Current MOE Teachers
Lower Pri
Upper Pri
Lower Sec
Upper Sec

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are tutors on TutorRoll selected?

We take the quality of our tutors seriously. Tutors on TutorRoll undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet our standards. We verify their educational qualifications, teaching experience, and conduct background checks. Additionally, we encourage students to provide feedback and ratings after each tutoring session, which helps us maintain a high standard of tutoring excellence.

How much does TutorRoll cost?

Signing up and creating a profile on TutorRoll is completely free for both students and tutors. However, once a tutoring session is scheduled and completed, tutors may charge a fee for their services. The rates vary based on factors like subject, expertise level, and session duration. For market rates, you can refer here for market rates.